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Top 35 Interior Design Products of 2008

2008 has been a great year for interior design products all across the world, and we have put togethera list to display such.  Interior Design will be announcing their Best of Year Award tommorow during a live ceremony at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City.  They have compiled a great list of products for this year and we’ve decided to choose our favorites from 2008!  The December issue of Interior Design will feature their coverage of the winners of the Best of Year Awards 2008 by cheif editor Cindy Allen.  Hope you enjoy our list of the top 36 interior design products of 2008.  Which items would you choose for 2008?  Select in the comments below.  

These items are presented in no particular order

  1. Wovin Wall by 3formwovin wall 3form news events
  2. Linear Burner System by Spark Modern Firessparklinear spark modern fires news events
  3. Tekura 7242 by BainUltrabainultra tekura news events
  4. Kanera 1E Wash Basin by Kanerakanera washbasin kanera 1 d 1 news eventskanera wash basin sink news events
  5. Luna by Graff - HDF Reviewgraff luna news events
  6. Tahi Shower System by Methventahi shower news events
  7. Memento New Glory Basin by Villeroy & Bochvilleroyboch memento basin news events
  8. Ethereal Rug by Top Floorethereal rug news events
  9. Legno Legno 236 by Ruckstuhllegno ruckstuhl news events
  10. Botanist Black Canvas by Orange22 Design Laborange lee botanist blank canvas news events
  11. Saile Tollet By Kohler Co.saile toilet kohler news events
  12. Amtico Back to Black, Vamp by Amtico Internationalamtico back to black vamp news events
  13. Fusion Table by Aramitharamith fusion table news eventsaramith fusion fusion table 2 news events
  14. Piano Sonata18 by Smartdeskspiano sonata smart desk news events
  15. Hum. Minds at Work by Kimball Officekimball hum minds at work news events
  16. Senzafine walk in closet by Poliformsenzafine closet walk in news events
  17. Bontempi Cucine – Area Program by A&G Bontempi S.P.Akitchen bontempi cucine area news events
  18. B2 by Bulthaupb2 bulthaup news eventsb2 bulthaup kitchen news events
  19. Space by Elica S.P.A – HDF Reviewelica space news events
  20. Poggenpohl Porsche Design P’7340 Kitchen by Poggenpohl – HDF Reviewpoggenpohl porsche kitchen news events
  21. Kube by Snaiderokitchen kube snaidero news eventskube snaidero kitchen 1 news events
  22. Crevasse Rinsing Sink by Kohler – HDF Reviewkohler crevasse sink kitchen news events
  23. Karbon Kitchen Faucet by Kohler – HDF Reviewkohler karbon kitchen faucet news events
  24. Norm 03 by Normann Copenhagen – HDF Reviewnorm03 steel lighting news events
  25. Andrei by Studio Italia Designandrei lighting lamp news events
  26. V Pendant by Arturo Alvares/Boutique Design Products – HDF Reviewarturo alvarez v pendant lighting news events
  27. Daedalus by Ivalo Lightinglighting ivalo daedalus news events
  28. Spa Recliner by Dedondedon spa recliner janus news events
  29. Acuity by Allsteelallsteel acuity chair office news events
  30. Slow Chair by Vitrabouroullec slow chair vitra news events 
  31. Fresh Collection by Valley Forge Fabricsvalley forge fabric news events
  32. Soho Modulo Deco by Marazzisoho modulo deco news events
  33. Vedana by BainUltrabainultra vedana shower spa news events
  34. Fountainhead VibrAcoustic Bath by Kohlerkohler fountainhead vibracoustic bathtub news events
  35. Sky Factory Programmable SkyCeiling by The Sky Factory – HDF Reviewsky factory skyceiling news events

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