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The Antolini Luigi Diamond Collection

antolini luigi diamond collection art home decorEvery woman loves diamonds and loves to have a beautiful awe-inspiring home. Antolini Luigi, well known as the leading distributor of dimensional stone, has uniquely combined diamonds with stones which can be used for walls, furnishings, kitchens and floors. Anywhere you can put stone, you can have pieces out of the Diamond Collection. Minerals that are usually used for jewelry is making it’s debut in the home. The Antolini Luigi Diamond Collection uses Swarovski crystal, lead crystal glass, combined with exotic stones creating glamorous stone work.

The Shellstone comes in various sizes and shapes with 12 different shades. Antolini Luigi is creatively making a name for semi-precious stone. A combination of stone and diamonds giving your home a little beauty and sparkle, what more could a woman want? Learn more at Antolini Luigi.

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