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Binova Motorized Kitchen

binova kitchen kitchen

The Anima kitchen takes the motorized exhaust vent concept and switches it for a motorized kitchen preparation area. The kitchen was inspired by craftsmen’s workshops, very cool idea. Using this inspiration, Binova created a kitchen with it’s own “work station”. The motorized section is a double sided cabinet that is made to house kitchen utensils, monitors, DVD/CD players and a mobile bar. Now that’s what we call luxury Batting Eyelashes. The cabinet makes working in the kitchen fun.

binova kitchen 2 kitchen

Not only is the motorized kitchen a useful tool, it is also a great space saving concept. Everything you need fits neatly in one single space, and when it’s not in use it goes back down into storage. Leaving a neat and tidy counter. Find out more about this luxurious clever kitchen at Binova.


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  1. Kitchen Design New York Says:

    Very Very cool design… Love it!

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