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Tuscan Castle for Rent Offers Historical Insight

castello di vicarello1 art home decor

Ever wonder what it would have been like to actually live in this kind of architecture? Well, now is your chance.

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We see only the paintings of royal families living in castles – but we don’t see out of the tiny windows they saw out of, or wash in the trickle of water from a jug as they did.

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The many bedroomed Castello di Vicarello in the Maremma region of tuscany is available for groups to rent for use as a cooking school, spa or a yoga retreat.

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The luxury castle offers a chance to see the world of Tuscany, with its scented flowers, centuries-old olive trees and lush lavender and jasmine, just as the castle’s original inhabitants did.

castle art home decor

It was the ancient Etruscans who first settled Maremma. After several centuries the Romans built a spa on the site of their ancient ruins, which in turn fell with the decline of their empire. In 1112, the medieval castle was built.

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The castle has been passed down from generation to generation on its hilltop overlooking the Maremma region of southwest Tuscany.

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Seven bedrooms are filled with individually selected linens, so guests would feel as if they were staying at someone’s house as a guest, rather than in a hotel.

castle6 art home decor

The furnishing in each of the seven bedrooms and villas are very individual, with hand-picked pieces from around the globe.

castle8 art home decor

Some seem to reflect the spirit of subsequent ages.

castle10 art home decor

Others are decidedly medieval.

castle9 art home decor

All the vegetables and herbs for cooking meals are grown right in the castle’s own garden by current owners Aurora and Carlo Baccheschi Berti. The same garden is still producing delicious food after almost twenty centuries of organic gardening for generations of inhabitants.

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