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Design Dilemma: A Concrete Look at Furniture

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If concrete was good enough for ancient Rome, it should be good enough for us today. So why is this material so underutilized in homes?

Actually, these days, concrete is gaining more popularity for domestic use, and we’re not just talking countertops, floors or outdoor furniture. Look around and you will find actual cast concrete furniture pieces, like tables, benches, chairs that work fantastically alongside upholstered furniture and wood. In fact, many of the pieces themselves incorporate wood.

Here are a few examples:

1) Above, Designer Daniel Miese has created a “bone” table that may not be exactly kid-friendly, but is certainly nice to look at.

2) A table by Austin designer Eric Billig mixes concrete with wood and manages to retain a light and airy feel.

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3) Also from Eric Billig is this ribbed concrete dining room table.

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4) Is it a Le Corbusier chair, or is it art? For Swiss architect and designer Stefan Zwicky, perhaps it’s a bit of both.

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5) These concrete and wood benches by Ancient Art Concrete Countertops in Austin, Texas can work both indoors and outdoors. Perfect for an entryway hallway or even a modern dining room.

concrete bench with wood legs ancient art concrete countertops 6835 how to tips advice

6) Are you looking for a lighter version of concrete? Look no further than this concrete furniture line by Studio Efra which appears amazingly airy.

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7) Does your wooden bookshelf bend and warp under the weight of all your heavy art and architecture books? What about a bookshelf of concrete? Try this colorful concoction by Francesco Passaniti which was inspired by the paintings of Mondrian.  Passaniti also designs concrete tables, chairs, beds, and bathtubs.

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