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Amazing Bathroom by Stefano Chiocchini

greta interior cappellini bed bath

This bathroom was put together by the collaboration of designer Stefano Chiocchini and stone manufacturer Cappellini.  Cappellini designs stones and manufacturers across Europe and have been working with stone, marble, and granite since the Seventies.

The bathtub and sink are made from a natural Piasentina Stone. Visit Cappellini for more information.

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One comment so far to “Amazing Bathroom by Stefano Chiocchini”
  1. Feng Shui Consultant Ken Lauher Says:

    Love this post. Thanks for sharing. I had not seen this photo before as it shows a very unique design. I’m really enjoying all of the round edges.

    May want to see How To Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa Oasis as well.

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