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Washbasin by Cappellini

Cappellini has just introduced this new minimal washbasin.

lavabo bathtub cappellini bed bath

lavabo bathtub cappellini 2 bed bath

lavabo bathtub cappellini 3 bed bath

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3 Comments so far to “Washbasin by Cappellini”
  1. Parmaynu Says:


    yet a definite safety hazard

  2. Lavabo washbasin by Cappellini | Doobybrain.com Says:

    […] at this beautiful and simple sink by Cappellini. Made exclusively for the SAIE Spring fair in Bologna, the sink is cut out entirely from stone […]

  3. ShirlT Says:

    It may be a cool looking sink, but you can tell it was designed by a man….a man who will never have to clean it!

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