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Burgbad Lavo

lavo bathroom bed bath

The Lavo is a stunning clean lined modern bathroom. It leaves you with a feeling of it being light and airy. The cabinets are all wall mounted which is a space saving and aesthetically pleasing change from the normal cabinets. Lavo seamlessly blends curves and geometric shapes creating a continuous flow to the space.

lavo bathroom 001 bed bath

High quality materials and sophisticated design add to the luxurious feel of the products. Fronts are available in matte green, matte reed, natural oak real wood veneer, tobacco oak real wood veneer, matte red, amber oak real wood veneer, and matte white. Find out more about this wonderful bathroom at Burgbad.

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  1. divya Says:

    i am a complete bathroom person and love spending hours taking a shower. These fittings look a quite sleek and will make the bathroom look quite classy and sophisticated.

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