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  • Thumbnail image of Crono 1.0

    Crono 1.0

    Create your own luxurious oasis in your home with the Crono 1.0 bathroom from Burgbad. High gloss, high quality surfaces combine with sleek design to create a stress-free calming retreat. The clean lined bathtub and washbasins give the Crono 1.0 a modern futuristic feel.

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  • Thumbnail image of Burgbad Lavo

    Burgbad Lavo

    The Lavo is a stunning clean lined modern bathroom. It leaves you with a feeling of it being light and airy. The cabinets are all wall mounted which is a space saving and aesthetically pleasing change from the normal cabinets. Lavo seamlessly blends curves and geometric shapes creating a continuous flow to the space.

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  • Thumbnail image of Burgbad Diva Bathroom

    Burgbad Diva Bathroom

    Distinguished, privileged, exquisite, classy these are the terms generally used to describe a “Diva”. So they are equally fitting for this bathroom by Burgbad…the Diva. The prima donna of bathrooms would leave any woman at a loss for words. Comprised of stunning furniture and an elegant large freestanding tub, this is one fabulous boudoir.

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