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Does a Double Mirror Make Up for Lack of a Double Sink?

I need your advice. Since I am in the process of setting my own green home up for sale, I have been watching those TV shows that supposedly tell you which upgrades you should make to help your house sell well. Some of the ideas being pushed by these shows seem really strange.
bath4 bed bath
One of the oddest ideas, to me, is the mantra – you must have two side by side sinks in the master bathroom.
bath2 bed bath
Uh-oh. What to do? How to get around this? We only have one sink.
bath1 bed bath
The idea is that two fast paced execs simply must leap out of bed simultaneously each morning to groom, and that to do this they must have two sinks.

Do you think that’s so? I’m a member of the pajamas media now, but even when we had two kids at home and jobs to race to every day, I honestly do not remember any time I felt the need to brush my teeth and wash my face at the same time as my dear hubby. But times have changed…

bath61 bed bath
(…so could this work? A sink for one: a mirror for two?) There are so many many minutes in a day, and it just seems to me that fewer than five of them are spent in front of a bathroom sink. Surely people can take turns?
bath5 bed bath
The mirror for two is an excellent compromise idea, I think. While one of you is brushing teeth, your nearest and dearest can be busy tweezing nose hairs, squeezing pimples or whatever it is he must do, at the adjacent mirror.
bath3 bed bath
Or go whole hog. Have three.  Your biggest kid can primp in there too. Because after all, how much of what you really need to get done in the bathroom requires water, really, anyway?

What do you think?

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4 Comments so far to “Does a Double Mirror Make Up for Lack of a Double Sink?”
  1. Karen Scribner Says:

    Don't get me going! It's a great idea to have more mirror than sink. And while we are at it, what is the deal with three small BRs and one bath with toilet, tub, sink for the kids? How do three kids use that, especially as they get older and are boys and girls. More compartmentalizing please for kids.

  2. Susan Kraemer Says:

    Heh. You are right. It's actually the kids who need the more bathroom!

  3. Mae Says:

    i was just contemplating my kids' bathroom this afternoon. they have ample room for one sink but not enough for two. so this may well be the solution. move their sink over so there are two "spots": one counter and one sink. that would minimize the squabbling, right? well, maybe just the bathroom related squabbling! thx for the post!

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