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M_House Carves a Gigantic Space From a Tiny Lot

M House1 architecture
How to get the very most of a very narrow section?
M House4 architecture
This house by Bruce Stafford Architects solves the problem by extending the living room to the edge of the lot, with a view across the entire space.
M House3 architecture
The back of this apparently spacious open plan room is backed up to the lot line.
M House2 architecture
On the outside, while elegant, the house looks smaller. It is designed to blend in with suburban neighbors.M House5 architecture

Inside, it is an open plan. Because of the simplicity of the plan, at the other end of the giant room, the kitchen seems to have abundant space.
M House6 architecture
Upstairs, too, this bathroom seems as if it is in a home with boundless space. The textures throughout are sleek, minimalist and luxurious. Quite an achievement for a narrow lot in the suburbs.

Via Decoist

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