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Grande Quadra Bathroom

kos grande quadra bed bath

The Grande Quadra bath from Kos really has the WOW factor. This bath reminds us of a small pool, but more luxurious. Just looking at the pictures makes us want to take a dip, imagine having it in your bathroomLove Struck. Simply wonderful. The simplistic design makes this bath a great addition to a minimalist’s bathroom, sitting alone this could be a great focal point.

kos grande quadra semi flush bed bath

Enjoy the overhead ceiling-mounted shower and marvel at the semi-flush to floor design. The Grande Quadra also has an optional adjustable backrest, to offer everyone a new standard in comfort. Find out more information about this remarkable bath at Kos.

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  1. Kelsey Says:

    How did they get a picture of my bathroom?jk

  2. P7 Says:

    It is really nice indeed.

  3. Logotype Says:

    Very stylish indeed!

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