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Schiffini Solara Kitchen

solara kitchen kitchen

Now that’s a kitchen. The Solara by Schiffini is one of those kitchens that makes you look forward to waking up every morning. To imagine having this kitchen in your house, well, let’s just say every meal would be a feast. Usually for a kitchen to have a futuristic feel to it, it would feel a bit unapproachable or surreal to touch. This kitchen is so approachable it makes you want to just start cooking, we can already picture making bacon and eggs in the morning Winking.

The Solara with it’s stunning walnut and submarine like appliances/fixtures, will give the traditional kitchen a run for it’s money. This homey linear kitchen can be in just about any home, boasting a modern sleek , yet, laid back comfortable feel to it. Solara has everything you want in a kitchen, lots of storage. When looking for a comfortable functional kitchen, give the Solara a look.

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    please i really want to know the saturday kitchen oven brand name

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