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How to Create a Bathroom with a Freestanding Bath

sketch1 bed bath

Despite what some may tell you interior design is all about expressing yourself through your surroundings. Although sometimes shape, form and dimensions are important factors to consider things like this should never get in the way of you and your perfect bathroom.

Relax, get your creative brain on and take a browse through the selection of the best freestanding bath’s around:

This first bath has proved to be a big hit amongst the writers at Living Etc Magazine and it’s not hard to see why. It’s classic but modern and has a sought of industrial overtone, plus because it’s silver it is going to fit in with any color scheme that you may already have in your bathroom. Available from Armstrong Woodhouse

armstrongwoodhousebath1 bed bath

Number two on the list is pretty chic too. This a freestanding bath in the bathroom of one of the hotel rooms at The Europa Royal Riga Hotel.

What’s interesting about this particular bath and definitely worth taking note of, are the legs. They are old fashioned but are also over-stylized and exageratted so you can really make a statement in your bathroom.

europaroyalriga2 bed bath

Lastly I am absolutely loving this rectangular freestanding bath from The name of the site might be a bit cheesy but their products are bang on the mark.

This bath was one of very few rectangular baths I came across but the idea of using sharp lines for a bath is actually quite refreshing.

royce morgan clarence free standing bath3 bed bath

Check out the cool square lags and taps too, this is definitely a bath for those who like the quirkier side of design.

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2 Comments so far to “How to Create a Bathroom with a Freestanding Bath”
  1. David Hampshire Says:

    Thanks for the feature.

    I developed the Angel bath along with Halo, our 18c gold version, towards the beginning of 2008. It has subsequently been picked up on by Fired Earth who market it as the Midas.

    Watch out for new products from Armstrong Woodhouse in September.

  2. HDF Says:

    @David – thanks! for the information. Please let us know when these new products will be available.

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