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7 Truly Beautiful Outdoor Rooms

7 Truly Beautiful Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor rooms are at their most effective when they combine beautiful scenery, fantastic climate, and expertly designed furniture: perfect for relaxing, eating, and enjoying the surroundings. These outdoor areas certainly add another room to any house or villa and, weather permitting, these are the ‘rooms’ where people will probably spend most of their time: from a fresh morning breakfast outdoors, to warm late nights under the stars. If you have the space, the money, and weather for it, outdoor rooms make an excellent addition to any home offering an unbeatable combination of the outdoor lifestyle with homely comforts.


1. Some outdoor spaces can be made into rooms with a simple focal point. Whether it’s a water feature, a table, or in this case, a fire pit. Flanked by simple and natural seating, it isn’t intended to look like an indoor room, but is intended to be in harmony with it’s natural setting above the trees.

2 gardening outdoor

2. This very modern dining area allows the living space to flow right out into the garden, allowing maximum use of a small space and creating a unique area. It’s hidden away, and not overexposed, surrounding by flowers and water that continue through the middle of the table. This is without doubt an exemplary example of what an outdoor room can achieve – simultaneously garden and entertainment area. All it needs now is an outdoor cinema setup!

3 gardening outdoor

3. This wine bar is so much than an outdoor patio space with the use of a fabric canopy, creating a room that is both enclosed and protected on the vertical plane, as well as being open to the dramatic environment all around that would be a shame to block with walls and windows.

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4. If you are looking for grandeur, this archway-patio outdoor room is about as close as you’ll get. A huge wooden table and benched seating flows out towards a smart and modest uncovered area. Chandelier and plants inside and out make this room both smart and sophisticated, but if you do decide to build something like this you should take into consideration the cost of any additional home insurance coverage you may need to protect any expensive outdoor furniture you may have. The true success of this particular outdoor room though is in maintaining a natural and traditional feel by not being too modern, making it inviting and homely even though it is outdoors.

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5. With two potential dining areas – either in the shade, or by the pool – this home demonstrates the ease with which new rooms and places can be created by adding a table around which friends and family can gather. Rather than walls, the air is allowed in and views are not at all obscured. Lighting inside the the swimming pool allows for dramatic night-time spaces, and midnight dips.

6 gardening outdoor

6. You don’t build an outdoor room as much as you put one together. This room works because it is a place in which family and friends will want to spend time. There are various places to sit, with the linen drapes providing both shade and creating the idea of a breezy and comfortable space that is both a room, exposed to the elements, whilst still feeling intimate and not overly-exposed. Creating this sort of a space takes little effort and very little building, mostly just creating a welcoming environment in lush surroundings.

7 gardening outdoor

7. A space transformed by the simple placement of three chairs and cushions. No decoration required, just the sky for a ceiling and plants instead of paintings.

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