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IL Bagno Alessi

bathroom alessi bed bath

If you’re looking for a bathroom with style, functionality, and beauty; you must be thinking about the Il Bagno Alessi bathroom system by Inda. One look and you’ll realize this is the bathroom from your dreams. A serene place to wake up to and end your long day. The modern sleek lines leave a clean, crisp feeling as you enter the oasis that is this bathroom.

il bagno alessi bed bath

Fantasy, Humor, Emotion, and Poetry. These are the words used to describe the Bathroom Alessi. The idea of this bathroom came straight from Alberto Alessi and the design was then entrusted to designer Stefano Giovannoni, a good choice as you can seeWinking. It comes in 4 different designs and differentiates in the interior. The available interior materials are mosaic, enamel, and wood. The beautiful shapes of each component tie the bathroom together and make it one unique area. It is the “complete scenario” for a bathroom, consisting of ceramic valves, mirrors, furniture, and shower enclosures. This is beauty at its finest. See all the different designs at Inda.

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