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Behive Lounge

behive lounge dining entertaining

Get ready for a party under the big top with this lounge. The Behive Lounge, beautifully designed by Dirk Wynants, is like the VIP section at some luxurious club or party. It makes sure every guest is enjoying laid back, sitting, or standing comfort. With a shape and fabric based largely on a trampoline, it “floats” 60 cm above the ground and has suspender surrounds for support. The fabric draped lounge gives the option of total privacy or full view and the side cushions give relaxing comfort.

behive group dining entertaining

The Behive has a 4 meter diameter, and a corral table in the middle. It is large enough for 12 people to enjoy it comfortably. No need for candles with this outdoor lounge, it boasts an impressive overhead light of its own. Invite all your friends over, every night’s a party with the Beehive Lounge, finally a clubhouse for adults Winking. [via]

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