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Ilbagnoalessi Dot Bathroom

ilbagnoalessi dot bed bath

Looking for peace & tranquility within your bathroom? The Ilbagnoalessi Dot bathroom, designed by Wiel Arets can get you just that. Influenced by Japanese culture and design this bathroom seems to float on air as each component comes together to balance and relax you.

ilbagnoalessi dot2 bed bath

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5 Comments so far to “Ilbagnoalessi Dot Bathroom”
  1. T. Dot Says:

    Thats awesome! I like the concept, definately relaxing. Would you also be able to give us contact information for contractors etc?? 😀

  2. M48 Says:

    very interesting and indeed relaxing! i like the whole “japanese culture” influence.

  3. mish Says:

    love the walls

  4. HDF Says:

    We love the carved walls as well!

  5. stef Says:

    The walls are amazing! Everything just seems to flow and come together into a beautiful, wonderful component

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