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Andromeda’s Pulse Lighting Fixture

pulse hanging lamp lightingThis unbelievable piece of art is a lighting fixture! We couldn’t believe it was a working light when we first saw it, but it is! The Pulse light is apart of Andromeda’s Designalive collection, and it really does bring Design Alive. You have your choice of either colorless Venetian crystal, shiny black, or shiny milky tea. It’s gorgeous in any color. All of Andromeda’s products are hand blown by skilled master glass blowers, WOW! So, every glass cone and leave on here have been hand blown, manipulated and placed on the shiny nickel frame. Now, that’s something to brag about.

The Pulse fixture ranges in sizes of 39 to 79 inches in diameter and comes in 3 different sizes. This elegant lamp really shows the passion, creativity, and skill that Andromeda is so well known for. A perfect fixture for a luxurious eclectic room. Go have a look at all the colors and sizes at Andromeda, you’ll be blown away.

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3 Comments so far to “Andromeda’s Pulse Lighting Fixture”
  1. M48 Says:

    definitely amazed at this piece of work! very beautiful! adds personality to any room!

  2. HDF Says:

    It’s a unique piece that stands out

  3. stef Says:

    Anyone who would walk into a house would definitely notice it!

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