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Modern Loto Bed

loto bed bed bath

The Loto Bed gives the feeling of simplicity, even with its complex design. Loto gives the appearance of two sheets of wood that are put together to form an “X” creating the base of a rather unique and beautiful bed. The “feet” of the bed appear to be the tips of the wood, quite ingenuous. Another cool bonus to this amazing bed is the fact that it is 100% hand-crafted, this gives you a one of a kind bed to own.

loto bed sidetable bed bath

Loto bed gives a clean lined feel. A truly genuine bed that will look fabulous in a bedroom. You can also add a creatively designed side table on either side of the bed. Learn more and see more images of the stunning Loto Bed at Cinius.

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    great bad, sweet dream

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    soo cool

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