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Tips on Choosing Flooring

flooring 239x300 how to tips adviceThese days the option for flooring is so widely varied you may get alittle confused when deciding on which flooring you want. True, you can have just about any flooring you want anywhere you want but we have a few tips to keep in mind when you are deciding on putting down new flooring.

There are basically five types of flooring; Vinyl, Carpet, Hardwood, Laminate, Tile. Which one you choose will be determined by location, cost, and availability. Location is explained as where you will want the flooring to go. High traffic areas will need durable and non-slip flooring. Areas like kitchens, hallways, dining rooms, entry ways, and bathrooms are often high traffic areas and will need to have flooring that is easy to clean,  can withstand heavy duty traffic, stain resistant and be waterproof. Carpet is not the best option for these areas. You will want to choose flooring that will last and not take too much upkeep and that will be easy to clean.

Bedrooms and living rooms are generally areas of relaxation and comfort. Carpet is often used in these areas. Generally there isn’t much traffic or eating over these areas so you can go more for comfort rather than durability. One tip to remember when choosing flooring for the bedroom is that often the bedroom furniture overshadows the flooring so a neutral shade that can adapt and change as your fabrics and furniture changes works well.

Choosing new flooring is an exciting fun part of owning your own home. Even though it may seem overwhelming never forget that changing your flooring will make a dramatic, usually positive change to your home.

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