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Q’in Black and Gold

hdforange bed bath

Q’in is an Italian website with some of the most sumptuous and indulgent bathroom cabinets and furniture you will ever place you’re eyes upon.

The new bathroom range from Q’in is just downright splendid. Check out this smooth, shiny, black sink unit and its slinky curved gold tap.
hdfblack bed bath

From this angle you really get a chance to see how well produced this bathroom fitting is. The entire sink is made from one solid black block and into this block a sink shape is moulded. Strangely this moulding process seems to have given the unit an eery natural, seamless, smooth look.

hdfsink bed bath

Also available is this white version. The white option brings with it a sense of calm and airiness, with the chrome taps adding an ultra-minimalist cool note to the room.

hdfwhite bed bath

The finish to the white unit oozes just as much quality as the black option and the rounded edge of the top surface gives the whole thing a softer modular aspect.

hdfedge bed bath

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