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Graffiti: How To Bring It On Indoors!

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Graffiti isn’t just for kids! It is for anyone that appreciates the creative side of life and who enjoys color. In this post there are going to be a host of graffiti related interiors and accessories too for you to feast your eyes on. Firstly, is the amazing hallway area above that has been utterly transformed into a psychedelic dream. The picture is from The design the artist has used really makes the most of not only the height of the room but the length of the hall as well.

For those that feel spraying a whole room might be a bit over the top you might want to consider just doing one wall. The man responsible for the crazy wall below is Graham Oatman a young artist who lives in Vancouver but hails from Dallas. His designs are a lot less full on and will liven up any contemporary home. If you think you’d like him to do some work for you mail him at

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If you’d just like to hint toward the cool graffiti street scene style then try a few accessories like this pillow below.

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Other graffiti related accessories out there include these cool lamps from With their city tag designs these lights should please even the most style conscious teenagers.

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And finally we have what is kind of like an interior graffiti compromise! These are stickers and are available from The initials can be personalized so that you have a unique message on your wall. Plus the good thing about this is that when you get bored of it you can just peel it off!

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3 Comments so far to “Graffiti: How To Bring It On Indoors!”
  1. Yelena Says:

    Hello, I am loking for the artist, who decorated the halway above wih the graffiti. I need it for the term paper. Thank you. And wha tis the name of the piece?

  2. Kass Says:

    hey i just want to say i think who ever can draw graffiti is amazin i can honestly say im trying hard to learn but no ones givin advice on how to actually get in their head while they draw they just do it.

  3. graffiti artists for hire Says:

    The first one is very photoshopped!

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