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The Custom Corian Vanity From Bazzeo

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No stylish bathroom is complete without the addition of an equally stylish vanity unit. A vanity is where you will start every morning, brush your teeth, maybe put on your make up and that it why having a gorgeous one will put the spring back in your step!

The Bazzeo custom vanity, Corian, is one of those products that is so singularly beautiful and well designed as a piece on it’s own that it would shine in any bathroom, whether it be a rustic country style bathroom or a bold colored minimalist space.

Corian is a wall mounted custom unit so it is bang on trend with it’s aesthetics as ‘floating’ furniture has been a big hit recently. You’ll see floating kitchen units, storage units and sometimes even beds dotted around the pages of luxury furniture retailer’s catalogues and websites.

What makes Bazzeo so special, almost too good to be true in fact, is that all of the products in their home collection are created with an emphasis on using recycled and environmentally friendly materials like non-toxic laminates and sustainably grown and sourced wood. This means you get all of the sleek style you’re craving but none of the lurking guilt that comes with buying a product that harms the environment.

The Corian unit itself is bright white in color and has a wave pattern made from a light-oak veneer that runs around the bottom of the unit. Although, because the unit is fully customizable there are many other color and pattern combos you could go for.

This isn’t the first time we have featured Bazzeo here at Home Design Find, click here to look at a previous post about Bazzeo’s kitchen collection.

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