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Two Stools by Atsushi Nogimura

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Atsushi Nogimura is a Japanese designer, craftsman, and structural engineer.  He combines these disciplines to create simple and captivating furniture.

Nogimura’s primary aim is to overcome structural engineering’s tough and utilitarian connotations by using its techniques to inspire elegant pieces of furniture.   One example is the Wave Stool.  The thin slats of the seat are held in tension and give the stool its clearly evident strength.  It has two configurations and its beauty lies in both the form and its structural concept.

The Spiral Stool begs to be played with and arranged into different patterns.  One of its applications is at a Japanese primary school where the children delight in its modular design.  Several stools can be stacked out of the way in a tight spiral when not in use.

Nogimura Company is currently showing its full furniture collection at its “Structural Engineers X Furniture” exhibition at Tokyo’s Living Design Center Ozone.

Written by Chris Kirby.

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