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Tiramolla Loft Bedroom Collection From Tumidei

tumidei tiramollaloftbedrooms 1 bed bath

Tumidei is an Italian furniture company that we have featured here at Home Design Find before.

Their products have always proved popular so in this post there will be a little peek at Tumidei’s Tiramolla Loft Bedrooms which have quickly become one of the many jewels in Timidei’s stylish crown!

First up are the loft-spaces for teenagers. These rooms and the furniture in them have been designed specifically with teenagers in mind and the aim of the whole collection is to make sure that every last inch of space is utilized for something, be it for storage, for sleeping, for working or even for sitting.

tumidei tiramollaloftbedrooms 2 bed bath

tumidei tiramollaloftbedrooms 3 bed bath

To really understand the ethos behind Tumidei as a company you have to read the words they use to describe themselves and their range of furniture and interiors:

”Composing to the infinity without limits this is our philosophy base for the Tiramolla project. Through a structure of tubes and aluminum molds, all your fantastic space mounts as a game, freeing the fantasy with the use of 33 colors, 6 melamines, 8 colors of metal and 6 colors of methacrylates”

What makes Tumidei different from other companies offering furniture and room designs for small spaces is the amount of choice they offer.

tumidei tiramollaloftbedrooms 4 bed bath

tumidei tiramollaloftbedrooms 5 bed bath

Anyone can hand pick items from the Tiramolla Collection and land up with a customized, sleek and unique living space that caters exactly to their needs.

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20 Comments so far to “Tiramolla Loft Bedroom Collection From Tumidei”
  1. Lawrence Says:

    Wow. I love that first Loft assembly. For teens? Maybe the colorway.Perhaps in more muted tones or all white I think this would be an excellent solution for any environment that’s small in square footage but big in height…

  2. ilginç tasarımlar Says:

    Hmm. Cool collection. Thanks.

  3. Tag Says:

    They can not be serious – having to climb a set of stairs everytime you get into your chair or out of bed in the dark. What’s worse is they’re twisting and would require awkward body movement.

    In summer sleeping in a loft bed is unbearable.

  4. b Says:

    awesome collection,!!!!!!!

  5. Galindorf Says:

    Tag: Actually I have a custom-built loft bed that a friend designed for me, I have it in my studio apartment. I climb up and down a little ladder every time I get in and out of bed, and I’m 33! I LOVE it! It’s really not as awkward as you might think. Obviously it’s not for everyone, but you really might be surprised. (plus it’s hella fun to sleep in up there)

  6. Liz Says:

    Gorgeous. But their website is horrific. Flash animation that never ends. What a headache. No way I’ll ever find out where to buy it. Complete waste of a website.

  7. Paul Says:

    I would’ve loved to have had some of those when I was younger, particularly the first

  8. eknightsbridge Says:

    Hi everyone, thanks to you all for posting your comments and getting involved!
    Liz: I am sorry that the Tumidei website gave you problems. Try typing “Tiramolla Loft Bedroom Collection From Tumidei” into google to see if you can buy it from an online retailer or a store near you. I recently saw them in my local Roche Bobois.

  9. Katie Kidd Says:

    Loved the first loft, wonder if this is available to purchase in Australia?

  10. McTwistie Says:

    Dude, I’d be too high to climb, i’ll just sleep on the floor.

  11. Suzana Says:

    I am amazed by the simplicity and clear cut design, well executed, love it, Suzana

  12. Justin Says:

    That’s an interesting “de-cluttering” layout for a room.

    One question, where did the pillows go?

  13. omar Says:

    Sure they look neat but a little void of personality, great for a hotel or something tho

  14. adam Says:

    reminds me of… barbie sets. But they’re cool.

  15. jeff Says:

    i like this design, it can save the place..

  16. Hz Says:

    i second everything tag says. moreover, check out the flimsy metal retaining frames, and the irritating bookshelf on which everything slides downhill, and the convenient fact that in these promotional pictures none of these ‘beds’ is made up like a real bed. yeah ok a few of them have token ‘blankets’, suitable for use in the tropics. but picture the whole ensemble in the morning in a temperate climate after our sleeper gets out of bed. imagine trying to gather all one’s stuff and race out the door down that spiral staircase. one sheet corner in the way and it’s a tumble and broken bones. this is bedroom furniture for people who want stackable children. actually, why not shove the little monsters in the cupboard underneath. that would be even more convenient. and lest you think i’m being unduly critical let me just inform you that i’ve lived with a much larger loft than any of these for more than 10 years. getting up and down to change the bedlinen is more of a drag than i can express. it really would be no fun at all to not be able to turn around without banging an elbow on some stupid corner. you can’t even think clearly in that degree of clutter. there needs to be some clarity to a space for the sake of sanity, the realisation eventually comes.
    much better, if you’re short of space, to have less STUFF. there’s more storage space in these things than there is people space.

  17. JPhoto Says:

    Amazing designs, absolutely my style and somewhat the way I currently have my lost designed. Takes a moderately obsessive compulsive person and a neat freak to successfully live in these designs, but those more clumsy, hurried people (like Tag and HZ I presume) might have a harder time, I suppose, not stumbling all over themselves attempting to survive such unique furnishings.

  18. lale akgün Says:

    lütfen bana katalog gönderırmısınız.

  19. CANLI RADYO Says:

    Nice moduler bedrooms with good combinations… thnks

  20. DeviousOne Says:

    I like the last two ones, especially the second-to-last.

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