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Fireplaces From Chazelles

chazelles tokyo 1 interiors

Chazelles is a company you may not have heard of yet, but they are making some truly innovative steps in interior design and offer a range of interesting, fresh and high-quality products.

In this post the focus will be on their fireplaces which are definitely some of their best products.

The photo at the start of this post shows one of their newest designs named Tokyo.

Although the fireplace is obviously not a traditional fireplace surround, with a mantle and lots of intricate detailing, it does seem to still manage to echo the aesthetics of the old-fashioned standard fireplace that you will see still standing in older homes.

The fireplace is made form black decorative marble so it is solid and durable as well as looking good.

The most interesting aspect of the Tokyo fireplace is the cut out flower design featured on the extended ‘wing’ on the left of the fireplace.

The flower design is clearly based on Japanese style flowers and would look stunning if the wall behind it were painted a dark aqua color or maybe a soft grey.

The Pivoines is another fireplace available from Chazelles that offers something extra in its design.

chazelles pivoines 1 interiors

For those who feel a standard fireplace doesn’t suit their decor or who wish to express the quirkier side of their personality, Pivoines is going to be very attractive!

Over-sized furniture is really big this year in the interiors world and this fireplace with its giant white surround and large almost 60’s inspired flowers gives a nod to the over-sized look twice!

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