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Tylo Felicity

tylo felicity bed bath

The future is now with this spa system from Tylo. Anyone who may be thinking about upgrading their shower really needs to take a look at the Tylo Felicity. It is an incredible “steam shower plus”. The felicity uses no more floor space than a normal shower, so even a small bathroom can enjoy it. Made with twin glass doors, it has a control panel for easily setting temperature, time, steam and lighting.

Felicity comes in 3 models Basic, Midi, and Premium. Some of the features offered are aromatherapy, 4 high pressure nozzles, built in steam generator for steam baths, and a thermostatically controlled mix tap. Not all features come with all models, of course, except for the Premium, it has everythingDay dreaming. We are especially pleased with the lighting in the ceiling shower and the folding chair which can simply be changed to a bench for 2. For a complete description and to find out how to get one for your bathroom, check out Tylo.

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