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Unique Jacuzzi: Probably The Most Stylish Jacuzzi In The World

unique jacuzzi carlo urbinati 5 bed bath

Jacuzzis are a divisive product. Many people love them and have saved up over a long period of time to get one either for their bathroom or for their garden but there are other people who think jacuzzis are tacky and ostentatious and who vow never to have one in their home.

However, these jacuzzi doubters haven’t seen the Unique Base jacuzzi by Carlo Urbinati which is what this post is all about.unique jacuzzi carlo urbinati 4 bed bath

The Unique jacuzzi is an understated, sophisticated take on the idea of the jacuzzi and the people who make the product believe strongly that it would fit into any home environment.

This is what they have to say about it over at jacuzzi.eu:

“Elegant, minimalist and refined, the design of the UNIQUE is perfectly in line with an evolved lifestyle that is attentive to new trends.

UNIQUE gives you the greatest possible freedom of installation: outdoors or indoors, built-in or floor-standing, in any environment or situation.

There are no limits to the installation possibilities of UNIQUE: even outdoors, on your terrace, in your private garden, to make your time spent outdoors even more regenerating thanks to the refined aesthetics, avant-garde technology and total comfort. ”

unique jacuzzi carlo urbinati 2 bed bath

unique jacuzzi carlo urbinati bed bath

The other appealing thing about the Unique is that fact that the whole thing is completely customizable:

“The natural warmth of wood, the millinery art of mosaic laying, the prestige of leather, the beauty of fabrics or of the most innovative and non-conventional materials: thanks to its paneling that can be clad as desired, as an alternative to the standard Teak and Wengè finishes UNIQUE can be customized as you wish.

You can combine it perfectly with the style and architecture of surrounding materials, unmistakably distinguish any environment and situation or create unique colour, material or visual effects.”

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  1. Unique Base Jacuzzi by Carlo Urbinati | Trends Updates Says:

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  2. lil Says:

    Looks nice but isnt it a tad too small?

  3. Vicki Says:

    It is very stylish, but I agree that it is just too small. I’m looking for one made for a <a href=”http://choosehottubsdirect.com/hot-tubs/hot-tub-models/hot-tubs-portable-spas-like-vita-spa.html”> two person hot tub</a>.

  4. ג'קוזי Says:

    You mentioned right thing here it is really unique in the world.

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