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Sustainable Alice Springs Home for Surviving the Australian Desert


The clients adore the extreme beauty of the Alice Springs desert and wanted an age-in-place, sustainable home from which to enjoy the desert for the rest of their lives.

Australian firm Dunn & Hillam created a home that is self sufficient in energy and water, with solar panels on the roof supplying electricity, and banked in a battery rather than connected to the distant grid.
12 architecture

The home is also dug into the ground to try to moderate the incredible temperature extremes from highs of 45C and lows of -6C.

For the hottest desert days, the cool pool is a must.

The clients love the desert, its vast views, and its warmth.

Much of the year is crisp, dry and mildly warm days and clear starlit nights.

The roof is suspended above the house, cooling the air underneath.

An interior courtyard is placed to maximize shade in the hottest part of the day.

The butterfly roof is for draining the maximum amount of rainwater to the tanks below.


As well as natural steel and natural concrete blocks, part of the exterior is compressed fiber-cement boards that need no maintenance.


Fiber-cement boards are well-equpped to handle the UV attack from the sun.

Altogether, a very practical home that truly makes the best of living in such a challenging – and rewarding – climate.

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Design Dilemma: Tiny House Style

rustic exterior how to tips advice

August is the month in which half the world takes to the road. Planes, trains and automobiles are one way of getting around, and so are RVs. It is that last mode of travel, combining living and moving, that’s got us thinking about tiny houses, since trailers, campers and motor homes are nothing other than tiny little houses on wheels.

With the tiny house movement sweeping the country as a way to keep mortgage, utility and other living costs down, and with so many of us traveling around in campers these days, we’ve decided to look at three of the coolest tiny little houses out there. One is actually mobile. Two aren’t. All take care of the little details to make the spaces not only simple, but comfortable.

The tiny house below comes from the Tennessee Tiny Homes, and it’s quite sleek. Check it out:

eclectic living room how to tips advice

Above, you get an overall view of the living room, replete with entertainment center, and a full-fledged but tiny kitchen.  Who says you can’t have style and polish in just a few square feet? Below, another view of the living room. Notice there’s room for artwork on the walls, and shelving. The couch turns to a bed when needed.

eclectic entry how to tips advice

Another view:

eclectic entry how to tips advice

A view of the kitchen with granite countertops.

eclectic kitchen how to tips advice

And there’s even a bathroom:

eclectic bathroom how to tips advice

An exterior view:

eclectic garage and shed how to tips advice

And here’s another tiny home, two-story, done up in Japanese style. An exterior shot:

asian exterior how to tips advice

The upstairs is outfitted with tatami mats.

asian how to tips advice

Here’s a view of both the upper and lower level:

asian how to tips advice

And another view. The space is warm, welcoming, natural, and represents great Japanese style!

asian kitchen how to tips advice

Here’s the ladder to the upper level:

asian kitchen how to tips advice

And there’s even a Japanese style soaking tub:

asian bathroom how to tips advice

And finally, here’s a tiny house with an open, loft-like feel. An exterior view:

contemporary exterior how to tips advice

The living room:

contemporary living room how to tips advice

And there’s even a wood-burning stove:

contemporary kitchen how to tips advice

More of the kitchen:

contemporary kitchen how to tips advice

And another view of the living room. Totally comfortable!

contemporary dining room how to tips advice

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Dogtrot House Celebrates the Frugal Elegance of Australian Public Campsites

1 architecture

A sublimely simple plan informs the Dog Trot House by Dunn & Hillam Architects.


The brief: to design a holiday home for a family, that would have the informality of a campsite.


They wanted everything they loved about camping except the need to pack up at the end of every holiday.


The name comes from the design, houses divided into two free standing structures with an open passageway between to connect them.


The idea is that the open, shaded passageway in the center is a place a dog can trot on days when it’s hot.


The dogtrot passageway between the public and the private spaces is shaded by the overhanging roof.


You can almost smell the hot dry air of the campsite perfumed by Pines and Eucalyptus.


There is something of the public campsite’s great room in the anonymous materials and deadpan design.


The simple but hardwearing materials palette includes locally sourced hardwood, fibre cement boards and concrete.


The lean anonymity of these materials verges on the mundane.


A no-nonsence big commercial kitchen seats ten easily.


“The Dogtrot House is a permanent campsite,” say the architects. “It celebrates the frugality and elegance of shelter, it is a house for the carrying out of family life in the elements, it is a house that is everything you need and nothing you didn’t. It is humble, poetic and without pretence.”

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Design Dilemma: 5 Interior Renovations with a Big Payoff

contemporary living room how to tips advice

We’ve talked about exterior renovations that provide a big return on your investment. Replacing tired siding, drafty old windows, garage doors that have seen better days, are all relatively inexpensive ways to dramatically improve the look (and value) of your home.

So what are the best renovations to improve the value and look of the interior of your home? The answers may surprise you, as they do not involve major upscale kitchen remodels, or wiring your home for stereo in every room. Instead, simple very visible projects are the big winner here. Think easy renovations that change your first impression of a home. Because they don’t cost much money, you will easily recoup your cost, versus spending $100,000 on a kitchen remodel that no buyer is willing to pay for.

Quick tip: choose projects that are in keeping with the character of your home, and don’t over-improve far beyond what similar homes in your neighborhood offer. Although upgrading plumbing and electrical work may be essential to the functionality of your home, don’t expect buyers to reward you financially for all that effort. (They already expect the electricity and plumbing to work!) For them, the bonus comes in feeling good in a space, and knowing there is no need to spend any extra time or money on cosmetic work.

Here are 5 winning projects for upgrading your home’s value at a relatively low cost:


1). Upgrade the flooring. If you have worn and buckled hardwood floors, have the floors refinished for a big payback. If your home is outfitted with dirty and worn carpeting, consider installing hardwood or tile. If you can’t afford that, at least upgrade the carpeting.

traditional dining room how to tips advice

2. Replace kitchen cabinet fronts.

Believe it or not, a major upscale kitchen remodel is not necessarily a good investment. You’re better off improving the look of your kitchen in very simple ways, such as repainting chipped cabinets or replacing cabinet fronts altogether. Buyers may not be willing to pay for too fancy upgrades, such as wine coolers, or the fanciest, top of the line refrigerator. They will, however, appreciate clean and bright cabinetry that makes a kitchen feel fresh and new.

traditional kitchen how to tips advice

3. Paint the walls.

And speaking of fresh and new, a fresh coat of paint is one of the simplest, most inexpensive projects you can do, but it has a major impact on the look and feel of your home. What color should you choose? While designer colors go in and out of style, almost everyone appreciates a light, bright white.


farmhouse bedroom how to tips advice

4. Replace Kitchen Countertops.

No, you don’t have to do a top-to-bottom kitchen remodel. Sometimes, it’s enough to replaced dated or chipped countertops with something a little nicer for a big return on your investment!

contemporary kitchen how to tips advice


5. Install New Kitchen Appliances.

It’s one of the simplest things you can do in a kitchen, since it requires no actual work! Replacing old, dated appliances with something new is extremely attractive to home buyers, as it suggests at least a few years of worry-free use. And when new appliances are good-looking as well, they can help an older kitchen feel fresher.

farmhouse kitchen how to tips advice

So you see, renovating your home both for yourself, and profit, can actually be much simpler than you may have thought!

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Floating Pavilion Guest House Suggests Monet Painting

5 architecture

Wirra Willa is a tiny pavilion guest house that seems to float on the lily pond, creating a scene straight from a Monet painting.

3 architecture

The tranquil guest house was designed for his father by architect Mathew Woodward in New South Wales, Australia, on an 80-acre former citrus fruit orchard.

10 architecture

It comprises simply a bedroom at one end, a living room at the other.

18 architecture

On cold winter nights, the living room offers a toasty fire.

2 architecture

But the living room floor can slide back and now it is a hot tub room that contrasts its heat with the cold lily pond outside.

6 architecture

All of the glazing supporting the roof disappears, leaving just a bedroom curtain to appear as the major structural element.

9 architecture

A breeze catching and gently swaying the curtain becomes part of the architectural design.

16 architecture

During the day this curtain is slid to the central passageway between the bedroom and the living room over the pond.

8 architecture

Woodward designed the space as an homage, echoing the Mies van der Rohe ‘floating’ Fansworth House.

13 architecture

The style of the small structure complements the existing larger residence in place, but pared down to the essentials for peaceful living.

11 architecture

A walk-in shower is little more than a passageway – that also overlooks the lily pond.

4 architecture

A lovely space that encourages reflection and repose.