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The Opera Camper, for Those Who Hate to Rough it

Opera8 dining entertaining
Here’s the most luxurious home away from home you could imagine.

Opera1 dining entertaining
The Opera camper was originally conceived 4 years ago. The first prototype was a far cry from this superbly elegant camper, but it held the basic idea.

Opera6 dining entertaining

A camper that could be towed behind a car in a folded-down position so that all the heavy weight of a trailer is greatly reduced. Only the built-in waist-high appliances, things like the elegant fridge to stock your pricey champagne are supported.
Opera7 dining entertaining
The rest all opens out as a cotton canvass tent.

Opera5 dining entertaining

Incorporating fixtures not usually seen in camping homes away from home…Opera9 dining entertaining

…Dutch design firm YSIN evolved the traditional camper into a luxury good, as far from campers now as a luxury yacht is from a dinghy.

Opera4 dining entertaining

YSIN worked with Enthoven Associates Design Consultancy in Antwerp on the production model.

Opera2 dining entertaining
They helped evolve the way the tent opens up.

Opera3 dining entertaining
The finished shape suggests the shape of the Sydney Opera House, and hence, the name, the Opera Camper. A camper for those who don’t like ants in their sandwiches…

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