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Fun Futuristic LEDs From Spain

Vibia LED green
These Vibia LEDs from Spain appear to be inspired by a vision evoking fireflies – or summer’s shooting stars.

There is a sparkling futuristic exuberance to the design that suggests that we are getting something for nothing.

When you consider the incredible eco-energy-efficiency of LEDs – that is about right. LEDs use only a minute fraction of the energy of light bulbs, and even of CFLs.

Vibia LED2 green
If this stylish brilliance is the future of energy use, then we are in luck.

These completely unique LED lights for outdoor living are elegant and restrained, but they hardly take themselves seriously. The brilliance and clarity is incredible. There would be no problem reading in the cool evening breezes under this light.

Vibia LED11 green
Unlike the very plebeian designs for the first CFL lights that came out – the much more energy-efficient LEDs seem to be bringing out a joyous creativity in designers.

Vibia LED3 green
Vibia is based in Barcelona, Spain. Its twenty teams of designers hope to influence how we feel, relate, relax, concentrate and enjoy ourselves – with a cheerfully mischievous approach to design for a new product that uses almost no energy.

Vibia LED4 green
It is not all fun though. These futuristic outdoor LED lamps are built to be sturdy and practical.

Vibia LED5 green

Vibia has made these four casually organic shapes look right in nature, not stiffly imposed.

The effect is achieved by making each of these four lights in a subtly different shape, like nature which never stiffly repeats a shape. When you combine them, the effect is very subtle and natural. Lighting that seems like part of nature.

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