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Sliding Bookcase makes 3 Rooms From 1

RedBed1 diy
The need to make a very innovative use of space in a very, very, tiny Paris attic apartment led to this innovative hiding bed by French interior designer Paul Coudamy.
redbed2 diy
Actually, the bed itself does not slide out (luckily, as this is a double bed).

It is the bookcase concealing the bed that does all the moving (with your help).

All told, a bedroom, a dressing and a working area are all slotted into the same space in such a way that when the room is being used for any one purpose, it would feel as if you have access to the full space, making it less claustrophobic than if it was permanently partitioned.

redbed3 diy
Behind the head of the bed is this dressing room. The mirror on the headboard of the bed is a two way, giving the illusion of more space, both in the dressing “room” and also, on the other side.

redbed5 diy
At the foot of the double bed, a work area is revealed when the bookcase is slid back to conceal the dressing room behind the bed. The mirrored headboard also adds to the space. When working at the table at the foot of the bed your reflected self at work at the reflected desk would appear to be about 20 feet away, giving a sense of spaciousness.

Built-in to the the sliding system at the wall is a red glossy wall unit above the work area, to contain work documents, and the bottom compartment folds down to make a desk. (I’m not wild about the strange angled-curve design of the edge of this storage compartment, but that’s just me).

Source: Mocoloco

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  1. Trinity Says:

    This is really out of the box thinking…great.

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