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Design Dilemma: Two Kids, One Room

Who says that every child has to have his or her very own room?

For years, it was the norm for children to share a bedroom. And today, with tighter economic times, it may again become the norm for one bedroom to house two or maybe even three kids. Good news is, there are more and more furniture options to keep the children’s bedroom neat and organized, no many how many kids sleep there.

2kids2 furniture 2
Above, from the collection of Doimo City Line comes a bed system complete with two beds, staircase, storage unit and shelves. Kids and belongings fit neatly into small spaces. The stairway and top bunk bed slides and can easily be moved when necessary.

Below, the Cabrio 90 by Clei (, on the left is a system that converts a desk to a single bed. On the right is the Telemaco 125, a system that allows a murphy-style bed to fold down from the wall. Components are available separately but the entire system pictured here, including the two beds, bookshelves and closet, costs about $10,400.

camerette c01 furniture 2

Below, a sliding bed and desk system of Oh!Razio by Zalf ( allows two kids to easily coexist in one space. Also pictured are the Alterna wardrobe system and the Luna chair. Together, as pictured, the room costs about $10,280.

camerette c08 furniture 2

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