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Night & Day from Molteni&C – usable 24 hours a day

nightday1 furniture 2

Can sleep, relax and work be done in the same place? Looking at Night & Day it all seems possible. The new seating system by designer Patricia Urquiola unites multiple functions and amazes with the growing versatility of space-saving furniture. Consisting of a thin platform and flexible curved up back rest, Night & Day can be easily transformed to suit your need of relaxation. Moreover, according to the space you have, you can choose to combine multiple platforms, to add storage bins, tables, or some of those ingenious pouches to hold everything at hand. Produced by Molteni&C, Night and Day is without a doubt a step in the right direction.

nightday2 furniture 2

nightday3 furniture 2

nightday4 furniture 2

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