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Design Dilemma: Where to Put the Books

While books are always a pleasure to read, they’ve got one big drawback: they can be a hassle to store. Any avid reader begins to notice that books take over when left to their own devices. But there are new and interesting ways to keep control over an unwieldy book collection. Here are a few clever options:

hanging bookself furniture 2

The Hanging Bookshelf comes from the  unal&boler studio and uses hanging metal cages to house books as a kind of in-home art installation.

brace case furniture 2

The Brace Case comes from  Ward Huting, and uses taut cables to hold books, magazines and other flat objects at an angle. It’s up to the owner to decide the  angle. Another bonus: the case can be customized to fit any room size.

modular library new

The Logia bookcase by Rafemar allows you free rein to get personal. You can design your system any way you’d like and build upwards as your book collection grows.


Folding Bookshelves by Picked by Hand are made of cherry wood and can be folded down or up, depending on how many books you have to store. Best thing is, when you don’t have books to store you can fold the leaves up and away for more space.

Magnetique Shelf

Magnetique Shelf comes from Nils Holger Moormann and consists of a steel sheet and boxes made of birch plywood. The steel sheet can be mounted onto the wall in a horizontal or vertical way. The backside of the boxes consists of a special, extra strong foil magnet which adheres to the wall attachment.

ceiling bookshelf

The Ceiling Bookshelf provides an option for those with high ceilings.  Books stay up and out of the way, nearly out of sight. Check with your local carpenter about adapting a similar bookcase for your own ceiling.

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  1. elfo Says:

    Holy hell, this site looks good. I just stumbled it and was quite awed by the design – and this is coming from someone who frequents web design galleries and is into web designing himself. Very cool design.

    As for the article, it fades in comparison to the inspiring wrapping it sits in, but I guess it’s interesting. ^_^

  2. Ronaldo_1 Says:

    Holy Hell what a misuse of space!

    This might work in some mansion, but in the places I have lived you would either have to cut your book collection in half or find find a new place to sleep!

    These people are clearly the loaded elite!

  3. ציור Says:

    goooooooood so gooooooood

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