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Seating Inspired By Electrical Wiring Lights Up Too

sebastienwierinck1 furniture 2
When you see the first of these unusual seating arrangements designed by Sebastien Wierinck the first thing that strikes you is how unusual an idea it is.
sebastienwierinck51 furniture 2

But as you sift through the images, you are struck by how thoroughly the designer extracts all the possible related ideas within his design.
sebastienwierinck6 furniture 2
It is good to see the many different settings these sofas based on electric wires look good in.
sebastienwierinck2 furniture 2
Here is how he set one up to create a reception desk and some seating in an office in Lyons, France.
sebastienwierinck3 furniture 2
So it is not unexpected when he throws in a new element: lighting.
sebastienwierinck4 furniture 2
It makes sense. Electrical wiring is used for carrying…well – lighting. It is a chic application of the idea.
sebastienwierinck5 furniture 2
But, is this a cozy sofa with a built-in light to read by? Hardly.

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One comment so far to “Seating Inspired By Electrical Wiring Lights Up Too”
  1. Gergana Damyanova Says:

    WOW! I totally love it! It’s so organic, futuristic and crazy, yet ingenious. Sebastien Wierinck gets a big kudos from me.

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