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Design Find: Sofas with All the Bells and Whistles

long sofa1 furniture 2In the age of iPhones, iPads, global positioning systems and robotic vacuum cleaners, it seems natural that when we settle into the couch on a quiet evening, we’d be wanting to settle into a very high-tech couch. Just cloth, wood and a little foam padding doesn’t do it for us anymore.

These days you can easily find these state-of-the-art couches which are,  if not actually high-tech themselves, at least designed to accommodate your technology.

A prime example is the Magnolia sofa, above. Not only is it long enough for the whole family to stretch out on, but it incorporates an iPhone dock and speakers.  Not enough for you? The sofa also features plenty of low-tech comforts, including adjustable headrests, a cup holder,  and a built-in end table on the left side for drinks. This couch is available at for $4125 (regularly $7650).

In the same vein, check out the Sage sofa. (Below.) It too features a built-in iPhone and iPod dock with buttons to select tracks. There is a built-in MP3 player and even a USB port. Speakers are built-in as well, located on the side and back of the sofa for discreet sound. The Sage also features cup-holders, retractable headrests, and even a pull open door that reveals an inner storage compartment.  The best thing about the Sage is despite all the components worthy of James Bond it does not sacrifice styling. The couch is still low-slung, modern and sleek. The couch is $4050 ($7500) at furniture 2

A high-tech cousin to the Sage is the Caracas. This Dima Salotti sofa is Italian-made and outfitted with all the features that make a sofa high-quality, including solid hardwood frame construction, high-density foam cushions and full top-grain Italian leather. But the cool thing about it is that it comes with electronic recliners, on both ends of the sectional. The buttons are heat sensitive and powered by electrical wall outlet. When you want to stretch out, the sofa knows exactly what to do! The Caracas is $5899 (regularly $9529) at

caracas 41 furniture 2

Interested in a sectional that can adapt to your individual needs? Consider the Contemporary Leather Sectional. While it doesn’t have speakers or electronics imbedded, this sectional from the Renava line is built made to order, with the chaise on the right or left.  Headrests and pillows can be adapted to your needs. The sofa is $2375 at, regularly $5,100.

couch4 furniture 2

The sofas above prove that in our increasingly high-tech lives, there’s no need to settle for any old boring couch anymore!

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