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Design Dilemma: Order in a Book Lover’s Home

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Avid collectors of books and art face a common challenge: finding storage space for collections while maintaining a sense of order. This Vermont home, was renovated especially for a passionate book collector, and meets that challenge in grand style. Every nook and cranny is exploited for storage possibilities, but without feeling too “busy.”

traditional living room how to tips advice

Above, built-in bookcases provide storage for books while added windows keep the space feeling light and bright.  At night, the book collection is highlighted by monopoint fixtures. Below, another window and built-in book case was carved into the original front stairwell

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Here’s another stairwell on the back staircase. Since the stair opens into the kitchen, storage has been created for plates and kitchenware. What you don’t see is that there is also storage in a powder room on the other side of the staircase. The walls of the stairwell are used to display an antique timber measurer and snowshoes. The mast from a sailboat the homeowner used as a child has been repurposed as a stair railing. You’ll notice yet another bookcase to the right of the stairway.

traditional staircase how to tips advice

Here’s what the other side of this stairwell looks like. Look, more space for books!

traditional powder room how to tips advice

In the kitchen, formerly a dark paneled tiny space, everything was opened up to create a lighter, airier feel. Modern windows were added, but with traditional details. Built-ins were added for dishes and more books, of course. There is even a space for art.

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A bedroom also serves as a library.

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Here’s a view of the home from outside. You see the original house plus an addition. What’s so fabulous about this house is though although much of it is new, it seamlessly picks up on tradition, offering the best of both worlds. It just goes to show that it’s possible for book and art collectors to enjoy their collections without being overwhelmed by them.

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