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Herman Miller and The Embody Chair

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Embody by Herman Miller may sound like the latest up-market fragrance to hit stores but it is in fact an office chair! It’s modern, it’s bright and it’s very, very comfortable.

Herman Miller made their name as a design company with their hit chair Aeron. It was a fully adjustable seat that was available in three different sizes. It graced trendy workspaces from California to London and from Tokyo to Berlin and became an obsession for media types and urban designers alike.

Now, 15 years after the success of the Aeron, Herman Miller have brought out a new seat; The Embody.

The company have kept the same functional principal of customization for all and produced a chair with even more adjustable features so it can be altered to accurately accommodate pretty much any behind!

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What gives this chair its comfort levels are the layers of mesh used in the seat. These layers offer a nice level of cushioning but without losing that all important support for the lower-back which is important in office chairs.

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The strange linear pattern on the back isn’t just their to look good, it is actually part of the mechanics of the chair. Twist the knob at the side and the back of the chair will either tighten or loosen to give further support to the user.

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So there we have it Herman Miller have done it again! This chair is futuristically gorgeous, its functional, built to high quality and is almost endlessly durable.

Priced at $1,600.

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2 Comments so far to “Herman Miller and The Embody Chair”
  1. jtnoonan Says:

    I must have read a billion reviews on this chair, and yet could not buy one anywhere on the internet – why the heck didn’t Herman Miller start selling it when all the press was coming out?! Anyway, I checked this week and FINALLY was able to buy one! Yes, very exciting. Not sure if any chair is worth $1600, but I had to try it for myself :) Looks liked only a few sites are selling them…I ended up going with <a href=”http://www.hermanmillerseating.com>HermanMillerSeating.com</a> – seemed like the most legit of the few sites out there. Anyway, I’ll be back once I’ve had a chance to give this bad boy the tush test! :)

  2. mike445 Says:

    I bought mine from http://www.embodychair.net/buy-embody-chair.php and yeah they should add more resellers for this chair like the Aeron chair!

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