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Matroshka: Compact living solution packs a powerful punch

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One look at Matroshka and we are left wondering why it has not hit production yet. This amazingly compact design was crafted a couple of years back by four university students that packed an entire home’s basic furniture in a space of just four square meters. And they managed to include a bookshelf, a double bed, a sofa and a dinner table, along with four stools, 12 seats, working space, a wardrobe, a cleaning products box, storage drawers and a folder storage. The sheer volume of stuff that is amassed in such a diminutive space is enough to make Matroshka a must have in every furniture store. Perfect for the modern urban lifestyle where space is a premium, we are in line for one.

[via FFSS]

matroshka 2 furniture 2

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One comment so far to “Matroshka: Compact living solution packs a powerful punch”
  1. Diana Says:

    Wow, amazing! I love how every inch of space is used.

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