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Tips on How to Choose an Architect

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The internet is stuffed full of How To Guides on everything from how to wash your dog to how to build a swimming pool but one of the topics you hardly ever see being covered is architecture. How do you pick the right architect? Well, in this post there are a handful of useful tips that will help to ensure that you land up with your perfect architect partner:

– Your first port of call when you are starting a construction project has to be the AIA if you are based in the United States.

The AIA is the American Institute of Architects and on their website they have a list of trained and qualified architects who operate in your area.

Click this link to head over there.

If you aren’t based in the US don’t panic, most countries have an equivalent, google  it!

Personal recommendations are another good road to go down if you’re looking for an architect.

Ask your friends or colleagues if they have hired anyone particularly good.

– Before you hire an architect or an architectural firm it’s standard practice to interview your shortlist of possible candidates.

During this interview there are a few things you should definitely make sure you get the answers to.

Does the architect know your budget and respect it?

Ask them about what your money will be paying for and check whether they are really listening to your budget restrictions

What are the communication lines like?

You want to make certain that if you hire an architect they will keep you informed of what is going on with the project at all times. For this reason ask them during the interview who your point of contact will be and how often they will actively update you on the progress of the project.

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