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Must Sofa by Longhi

must sofa white furniture 2

If you are looking to get a new luxurious sofa, this should spark your interest. This is the Must sofa by Longhi. It is designed by Giuseppe Viganò, and it is quite a site to behold. The sofa is available in various sizes and style and even features a gorgeous sectional design. It has coverings in leather or velvet and the base is made with iron and painted bronze. The buttons are also available in Swarovski crystals, if that’s not luxury we don’t know what is!

must sofa tan furniture 2

Made in a patchwork design, the sofa boasts comfort and elegance. Lounging on this oversized sofa will surely make you feel a little like Alice in Wonderland. Get lost in the Must sofa by Longhi, you will never want to be found.

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6 Comments so far to “Must Sofa by Longhi”
  1. Raimonda Says:


    I am interested in this sofa. I would be greatfull if you would send me price of this item ad is there a possibility to ship this item to Lithuania?
    Thank you!

  2. natalie Says:

    where can i purchase the Must sofa?

  3. RuBabe Says:

    Can you send me price of this sofa?
    Thank you very much!

  4. HDF Says:

    @RuBabe – please contact the manufacturer for more information and images on this product. We we not sell any of the items featured on this site.

  5. AlyCabs Says:

    How much does it cost and where can i purchase one?

  6. HDF Says:

    @AlyCabs – please checkout the website for additional information

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