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Stretch Ceiling

stretch ceiling home improvement

How many times have you looked up at your ceiling and gotten mad about having to get rid of a water stain or fix a crack in it. We are sure this has happened at some point in your life and you know how time consuming and hard it can be to repair a ceiling. A new ceiling by Alyos, is a great alternative to repairing or replacing the standard ceiling.

The Stretch Ceiling will give you a beautiful smooth ceiling in about day. No more mess with the Stretch Ceiling, installation is very clean and fast. Nothing has to be moved out of the room being worked on and it should only take a day to complete. There is also very little dust during installation.

The Ceiling is available in 7 colors; white stucco, beige dolce, green toscana, beige forte, blue azzuro, grey fumato and black matt. It can also be painted to suit your needs or use Alyos Design products with digital printing. If you are worried about bulk, don’t be. The Stretch Ceiling is very thin (0.35 to 0.39mm) but has a very high resistance to force. Contact Alyos for information on getting the Stretch Ceiling.

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