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Modern Furniture: Pol Sofa

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The contemporary Pol Sofa by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec looks like two large rectangular blocks put together to form an interesting sofa, and that’s just what it is. The armless sofa is made of a light chrome steel structure with a padded backrest and seat, which are each one solid element. Pol Sofa is available in four polyurethane fabric colors of red, black, white or green. The light weight of the furniture makes it easy to move around, a wonderful feature for furniture. A curve on the edges keeps the furniture from having a harsh feel to it. Find out more about the exceptional Pol Sofa at Bonluxat.

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2 Comments so far to “Modern Furniture: Pol Sofa”
  1. K-Swiss Says:

    That gap between the seat and the back is where change goes to die.

  2. kegi Says:

    my question is where i can find a price for the sofa?

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