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Smile Chair by BBB

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BBB has been around for over 50 years creating original trendsetting furniture designs for home and office. The Smile chair fits perfectly into their products for its originality and stylish contemporary design. This uniquely designed armchair is an expanded polyurethane foam upholstered metal structure that was created by designer Marcello Ziliani.

smile 2chairs furniture 2

This fun chair comes in a variety of cool colors that seem to match the attitude of the Smile. With dimensions of 80hx90dx90w cm, its an ideal chair for any contemporary home space. Get yours from BBB and watch your guests marvel at the sleek and comfortable design of the Smile chair.

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  1. Jackie Says:

    It’s kinda of cute–how do you sit in it? If you want a really cool looking chair, try the Wiggle chair at They’re both kind of funky and whimsical. I know they also carry the Eames Womb chair which is really mod and sophisticated. The website is great–wonderful service and products.

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