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Ochre Chainmail Chandelier

ochre chainmail chandelier lighting

This stunning chandelier is made of 3 layers of chainmail with edges of red, white, black, brown saddle leather or nickel finish. The 1st shown chandelier was created for a private residence in London, England and the picture below was designed for a commercial client. Both are simply gorgeous. The Chainmail Chandelier is large, measuring at 19¾”h x 37½”d, and quite heavy with a weight of 83¾lbs. Now, that’s one impressively sized and designed chandelier Winking. But sizes are customizable.

ochre chandelier lighting

Ochre produces products with an “emphasis on very high quality and flawless British craftmanship“. You know when you get an item from them it’s well worth it. The chandelier comes with adjustable tension wires that can be adjusted up to 78¾” and a nickel ceiling cup. Want to know more about the exquisite Chainmail Chandelier, contact Ochre.

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