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Tao Multifunctional Lounger

tao multifunctional system furniture 2

The Tao is pieces of exquisitely designed furniture with lots of different design uses. Colico Design has come up with an ingenious idea with the stunning Tao. It’s made with fireproof upholstery which has the option of being removed. The Tao is a great option for those who like to change up the design of their room, quickly and easily.

tao different styles furniture 2

The Tao can be transformed from two chaise lounges to a double bed with a simple reposition of the loungers. It can also be used as sofas that can seat up to 10, an art piece, and a room divider. The two pieces are perfect complimentary opposites to each other. Ingenious design meets functional furniture, check it out at Colico Design.

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