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fanaway lighting

For all the fan lover’s and those who don’t like the “fan” look, you must check out Fanaway. It is, in fact, a ceiling fan that “hides” the blades when you’re not using the fan. Now, that’s what we call functional design Winking. But not only is it a ceiling fan, it is quite a striking modern ceiling light.

fanaway open lighting

Fanaway works by retracting the fan blades when the fan is switched off. This leaves only the slim pendant light showing. When the fan is in use, the centrifugal force deploys the fan blades out; thus circulating the air. It gives the option of only having a fan when you need one. The blades come installed and ready for use. That’s not a feature commonly found in regular ceiling fans. When available will be sold by Beacon Lighting stores. Find out more at Next Big Thing Award.

fanaway2 lighting

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