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The Sexy Chair

sexy chair furniture 2

Say “Hello” to our Sexy Chair. Made by Adrenalina, this chair certainly lives up to its name. From the back it looks like a woman sitting down; her shoulders, waist and hips. You appear to be sitting on her lap. How inviting would that be to your loved one? The chair base with circular metal rods create the exaggerated arms. The metal rods are in 4 pieces that give the illusion of one flowing piece surrounding the chair.

sexy chair back furniture 2

The fire retardant material is shown in green, pink, and metallic silver. Definitely, a private boudoir retreat chair. Comfortable, voluptuous, exquisite….how sexyBatting Eyelashes. Adrenalina makes beautiful seats and sofas, take a look, we’re sure you’ll agree.

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